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What does a hip replacement involve?

A hip replacement is a surgical solution to chronic hip pain that can increase your range of motion and allow you to enjoy a wider range of physical activities. Also called a total hip arthroplasty, a hip replacement involves replacing your hip’s damaged bone and cartilage with artificial components.

If your doctor has recommended hip replacement surgery for you, the preparation process may involve several steps, including a complete physical examination, diagnostic tests, and stopping certain medications. In some cases, your doctor may also recommend weight loss prior to surgery, treating any existing skin infections, and completing dental and urinary evaluations.

The surgeons at Orthopedic Specialists of New York also use Mako, a robotic surgical assistant, to perform hip replacements more safely and effectively. Using a detailed 3D model and a robotic arm that helps your surgeon work within the bounds of your pre-surgery plan, Mako reduces the amount of cutting required to perform a hip replacement and preserves more of your healthy bone.

Types of hip replacement procedures

Your doctor may recommend either a total or partial hip replacement based on the severity of the damage to the joint.

A total hip replacement involves replacing the socket of your hip joint with a durable plastic cup and replacing your femoral head with a ball made of ceramic or metal. This ball is attached to a metal stem inserted into your femur. This type of procedure is usually performed as a last resort for treating arthritis pain, providing relief and restoring some mobility in severe cases.

During a partial hip replacement, only the femoral head is replaced and your natural hip joint socket is preserved. This procedure is more commonly performed in cases of older people who have sustained a hip fracture.

How can a hip replacement help you?

While a hip replacement may not adequately restore all patients’ ability to participate in high-impact activities such as competitive sports, patients can generally expect to recover significantly within the first year and eventually be able to participate in low-impact activities such as jogging, swimming, or bike riding. Additionally, the procedure can effectively relieve pain when alternative treatments fail to do so.

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