Medical Services We Offer at Ortho Medisys

Specialties & Procedures

Ortho Medisys offers a full range of services for illnesses and injuries affecting the bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons

Ankle and Foot Surgery

Ankle and Foot arthritis surgery

Ankle and Foot deformity correction

Ankle and foot ligament repair/reconstruction

Ankle and foot tendon repair/reconstruction

Arthroscopic Ankle Surgery

Cartilage repair surgery

Fracture Care

Simple Fractures

Compound Open Fractures

Malunion Fractures

Nonunion Fractures

Limb Reconstruction Surgery

Acute and Chronic Bone Infection (osteomyelitis) Surgery

Acute and Chronic Tendon Rupture Repair and/or Reconstruction

Deformity Correction Surgery

Limb Contracture Surgery

Limb Lengthening Surgery

Orthoplastic Surgery

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    Rotation Flaps

    Skin Grafts

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