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Joint Replacement

Our Queens joint replacement specialists use advanced medical tools such as Mako, a robotic surgical assistant, to provide patients suffering from severe joint pain with treatment that minimizes time spent in the hospital and maximizes positive treatment outcomes, helping them to return to the fullest range of motion as possible. Joint replacement surgery is particularly recommended for patients experiencing little relief from non-surgical solutions.

Ankle Replacement

Ankle replacement surgery replaces your ankle joint with an artificial implant to relieve chronic pain or weakness that other treatments are failing to resolve. Candidates for this procedure may be recommended for either total knee replacement, which involves fully replacing the joint with prosthetic parts, or partial ankle replacement, in which only damaged areas of the ankle are removed to preserve as much of the natural joint as possible.

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Hip Replacement

A hip replacement is performed when there has been damage to the hip joint resulting from severe trauma or fracture. This level of damage reduces your range of motion and may cause pain even while you’re resting, and could lead to additional issues such as hip instability and tenderness. Issues requiring a hip replacement often stem from conditions like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

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Knee Replacement

Knee replacements may be necessary when your knee joint has sustained enough damage to reduce your mobility and cause you pain even when you aren’t moving, interfering with routine physical activities and sleep. A deformity such as bowing of the knee may also indicate that you’re a suitable candidate for surgery.

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Shoulder Replacement

During a shoulder replacement surgery, the damaged bone in and around the ball-and-socket shoulder joint is replaced with prosthetic parts. As with other joint replacement procedures, it’s often reserved as a last resort for relieving severe chronic pain due to inflammatory diseases such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, osteonecrosis, rotator cuff injuries, and fractures.

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Orthopedic Trauma and Joint Replacement

Sanjit R. Konda

Dr. Sanjit R. Konda, MD is the Chairman of Orthopedic Surgery for MediSys Health Network. He is also the Director of Orthopedic Trauma and Joint Replacement Surgery. He is the Director of Geriatric Orthopedic Trauma for NYU Langone Health. He specializes in treating poly-trauma patients and in fracture care, nonunion, malunion/deformity correction, pelvic and acetabular surgery and joint replacement surgery of the ankle, hip, knee and shoulde

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Orthopedic Trauma and Joint Replacement

Abhishek Ganta

Dr. Abhishek Ganta, MD is the Co-Director of Orthopedic Trauma at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center. He specializes in treating poly-trauma patients and in fracture care, nonunion, malunion/deformity correction, pelvic and acetabular surgery, and joint replacement of the ankle, hip, knee, and should

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