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Learn more about shoulder replacement surgery and whether it’s the right choice for you

Are you a candidate for shoulder replacement surgery?

Shoulder replacement surgery, also known as shoulder arthroplasty, replaces damaged bone in and around the ball-and-socket shoulder joint with prosthetic parts. It’s typically performed to relieve chronic, severe pain resulting from various different conditions, including inflammatory diseases such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, osteonecrosis, rotator cuff injuries, and fractures.

As with other joint replacement procedures, shoulder replacement surgery is typically reserved as a last resort for treating chronic pain when other medications, procedures, and therapies have failed. This pain is often so severe that it greatly interferes with daily activities and may prevent you from sleeping at night.

What does shoulder replacement involve?

There are several types of shoulder replacement surgeries you may receive, including anatomic total shoulder replacement, reverse total shoulder replacement, stemless total shoulder arthroplasty, hemiarthroplasty, and resurfacing hemiarthroplasty.

An anatomic total shoulder replacement involves the removal of the ball and socket of the joint, then replacing them with implants that resemble the natural shape of bone.

A reverse total shoulder replacement also involves the removal of the ball and socket, but attaches the ball replacement to the shoulder blade and the socket replacement to the upper arm bone.

A stemless total shoulder arthroplasty attaches the ball replacement to the upper arm without a stem.

A hemiarthroplasty replaces the ball and stem of the joint while preserving the natural socket. The stem connects the ball to the socket.

A resurfacing hemiarthroplasty replaces the surface of the humeral head with a cap-like implant without a stem.

Generally, people who undergo a shoulder replacement surgery are given general anesthesia and a nerve block. Once the procedure is completed, x-rays are performed and the shoulder is immobilized. Many patients are able to return home the same day, but this will depend on your particular needs and circumstances.

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