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What are Soft Tissue Tumors?

Soft Tissue Tumors can appear in muscle, fat, blood vessels, nerves, tendons, and joint linings anywhere in the body. They’re more common than other types of tumors, such as those that develop in the bones, and many are benign. Rarely, though, they may develop as soft tissue sarcomas, which are malignant.

There are many different forms of benign soft tissue tumors, and they don’t all present the same symptoms. If they’re close to the surface of your skin, as with most lipomas, they may appear as a visible lump, though they may appear small or not at all if they’re located in deeper layers of tissue. Additionally, some cause no pain.

There are also many varieties of soft tissue sarcoma which generally present symptoms in a similar manner as their benign counterparts. Some may appear as lumps or cause pain, while others may not present symptoms in their early stages.

What causes Soft Tissue Tumors?

There’s no identified cause of soft tissue tumors aside from genetic mutations that cause abnormal cells to reproduce at an accelerated rate. Exposure to carcinogenic chemicals and radiation exposure can also lead to a greater chance of developing tumors.

How are Soft Tissue Tumors treated?

Whether they’re benign or cancerous, most soft tissue tumors are treated through a combination of surgery and follow-up treatment. Surgical removal alone permanently prevents the return of most benign soft tissue tumors. The removal of soft tissue sarcomas must be followed up with radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or in certain cases, targeted drug treatments.

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