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Learn more about Hip Dysplasia and the surgical options available for your child

What is Hip Dysplasia?

Hip Dysplasia is a congenital condition in which a baby’s femur does not appropriately fit with their pelvis. Specifically, the ball of the hip joint does not fully fit into its socket, leading to potential immediate symptoms and an increased risk of more severe future issues.

Some early indicators of Hip Dysplasia include groin pain that’s stimulated by physical activity, limping, catching or popping sensations, pain or discomfort while sleeping on the side of the affected hip, and loss of range of motion in the hip.

In the long term, Hip Dysplasia can also lead to problems like early-onset osteoarthritis and acetabular labral tears, causing pain, stiffness, and locking or catching due to damage to the tissue that lines and secures the hip joint socket, causing pain, stiffness, and locking or catching in the affected area.

What causes Hip Dysplasia?

Usually, Hip Dysplasia is present from birth. It can be passed down genetically, but there are environmental factors that may make the condition more likely, as well. A baby’s position in the womb may place added pressure on the hips, leading to abnormal early development.

How is Hip Dysplasia treated?

An infant with Hip Dysplasia may be given a soft brace which holds the ball of the hip joint in place over a period of several months, allowing the socket to mold to the shape of the ball as it develops.

For infants aged six months or older, alternative treatments may be required. A doctor can move the bones into place and keep them held in the correct position with a full-body cast for several months or perform surgery to fit the joint together. A surgical procedure called a periacetabular osteotomy may also be recommended by your doctor to properly re-position the hip socket.

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