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What is an Achilles tendon rupture?

An Achilles tendon rupture is an injury to the tendon that attaches the calf muscle to the heel bone, occurring when this tendon is stretched to its breaking point. A rupture impacts your ability to walk properly, preventing you from being able to bend your foot downward or stand on the toes of the injured leg.

The injury is often accompanied by a snapping or popping sound or sensation, followed by sharp, sudden pain, swelling, bruising, and tenderness at the back of the ankle where the tear occurred. However, it’s also possible for no signs or symptoms to occur.

What causes an Achilles tendon rupture?

An Achilles tendon rupture is commonly caused by a sudden increase in pressure on the tendon, as may happen while playing sports or when you fall. A rupture is more likely to occur in men aged 30 to 40 who play sports that involve sudden stopping and starting. Obesity also increases the stress placed on the Achilles tendon, making it more vulnerable to rupture.

Certain medications, such as anti-inflammatory steroid injections and fluoroquinolone antibiotics, can also weaken the Achilles tendon, increasing your risk of injury.

How is an Achilles tendon rupture treated?

Depending on your age, activity level, and the severity of your injury, your doctor may recommend either a surgical or non-surgical approach to treating an Achilles tendon rupture. Both forms of treatment are typically followed by physical therapy and allow patients to make a full recovery within four to six months.

Non-surgical treatment for an Achilles tendon rupture usually involves staying off of the injured leg (typically with the use of crutches to move around), applying ice to the injured area, taking over-the-counter pain relief medication, wrapping and compressing the injured ankle, immobilizing the ankle with a cast or boot, and elevating the leg above the level of the heart to reduce swelling while resting. Surgical treatment involves stitching the tendon back together, potentially using other tendons to do so.

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